Wireless Internet Policy

Universal City Public Library offers free wireless connections to the Library’s Internet service for registered users with compatible wireless devices. “Hot Spots” are available during normal library computer access hours [access hours are from opening until 10 minutes prior to closing] each business day the library is open. As not all areas of the library will have a wireless signal, it may be necessary to move to another location in the library before a wireless connection can be made. Registration for wireless access is done at the Circulation Desk.

Wireless Internet Access in this library is limited to registered users with a current and valid Universal City Public Library card or those persons who have registered as a guest, read and agreed to the library’s Internet Use Policy, including the Wireless Internet Access Policy, by signing the Internet Access compliance form. All use of the library’s wireless Internet system must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, in addition to library policies and must not be used for illegal, improper or illicit purposes including but not limited to: receiving or transmitting of child or adult pornography, objectionable material, piracy of copyrighted material, committing fraud.

The Library’s wireless is filtered and unsecured. It is not advisable to transmit any personal, financial, credit card information or legal data via the wireless system as any or all information transmitted may be intercepted by another wireless user. The library will not be held responsible for: any loss of data, any compromised personal information, any damages caused to the user’s hardware or software due to electrical surges, security issues, piracy, viruses, vandalism, negligence, or hacking while using a wireless device via the library’s wireless system. Use of the library’s wireless system is at the risk of the user.

Library staff will provide any basic login or setting information needed to access the Internet via the library wireless system, but are not responsible for any changes wireless users may need to make to equipment and cannot guarantee that said equipment will work with the library’s wireless system.

There is no technical or troubleshooting support provided by any library staff for any wireless users beyond login and setting information provided. Wireless users must use owner operating manuals or their registered technical support help for any questions or modifications needed for accessing the library’s wireless system.

It is the responsibility of all library wireless system users to ensure their equipment has: an up-to-date anti-virus program running, spyware protection, a personal firewall, disabled shared folders and removable data backup capability before using the Internet via the library’s wireless system. (©Williams Consulting)

Web based e-mail is accessible via the wireless system. Printing is not available via the wireless system. Printing may be done using the library network computers by printing from e-mail or from floppy or USB flash drives. Access to these computers and the use of removable storage devices must be done at the circulation desk with your library card in hand. There will be a charge of fifteen cents per black and white page and a charge of twenty-five cents per color page. Please use print preview to determine pages to print.

Approved by LAC 11/07/07