Interlibrarary Loan Policy

The Interlibrary Loan system provides access to materials the library does not own. Books and audio/visual materials with a publishing date at least one year old and photocopies of magazine/journal or newspaper articles not available at the Library or electronically may be requested. ILL requestors must be current Universal City Public Library cardholders with no overdue materials and/or a fine amount of two dollars or less when an ILL is electronically reserved and at ILL checkout. If no library will lend the requested item, the patron will be notified by the ILL staff.


ILL requests may be done online using the Interlibrary Loan system or in person using the Request Cards available at the circulation desk. Telephone requests will not be taken. Information needed for ILL requests includes the author, title of the request or subject information, the name of the person picking up the requested item, their library card number and, a current and active telephone number. Fill out one online request form or one Request Card for each item requested. Any requests for magazine/journal or newspaper articles must include the journal title, article title, volume number, publishing date, and pages in which the article appears. It can take several months or several days to receive ILL items. Please limit the number of active ILL requests to not more than five requests per patron. When the current fiscal year funding to receive ILLs is spent, patrons must pay postage fees at the library in cash before an ILL request can be completed. Note: The postage fee is the current library rate fee for a one pound package rounded up to the nearest multiple of five.


Once a requested item arrives and is available at the library, patrons are notified by telephone or via e-mail for ILL requests submitted online and including an e-mail address. If ILL notification must be done using the postal system, the patron must provide a self addressed stamped envelope or postcard for the library to mail written ILL notification per requested item. ILL items are held for ten business days after the patron has been contacted by telephone or notification has been mailed. Items not picked up by the end of the hold period, will be returned to the lending library at the requestor’s expense. (The current postal rate for a one pound library rate package will be added to the requestor’s library card account for each item not picked up.)

Loan periods

Unless a lending library specifies a shortened loan period, the ILL item Checkout period is three weeks. The checkout period begins when the ILL is processed and ready for checkout. ILL photocopies become the property of the requestor once any lending fees have been paid. All other items must be returned to the Universal City Public Library by the due date on the Universal City Public Library ILL book band. No ILL item can be rechecked or renewed without return to the lending library. Anyone needing an ILL item longer than the loan period must return said item and fill out another request card so that a new ILL request can be made.


A lending library may charge fees such as insurance, photocopying, book charges, fines, and handling fees. Please notify the library if the payment of lending fees is not acceptable. In addition to any lending library fees or fines, all Universal City Public Library fines, fees and overdue policies apply.

Lost or Damaged Items

Patrons are responsible for reimbursement to the library for any ILL items lost or damaged while checked out on their library card. Replacement costs of ILL items include the cost of the lost item, a $10.00 processing fee and any other fees required by the lending library. ILL items not returned to the library within 90 days of check out will be considered lost by the patron and the cost of the item plus the $10.00 processing fee will be added to any late fee charges on the library account. The lost item fee is non-refundable even with the return of the ILL item that will be returned to the lending library. The Library must pay the lending library for lost ILLs and the patron fees will be used to reimburse the Universal City Public Library for these fees. Personal checks will not be accepted for any lost or damaged ILL item fees. The library does not accept replacements for lost materials.

Approved by Library Advisory Commission, May 9, 2012
Approved by City Council, August 7, 2012